Rackspace has a blog… who cares?

Rackspace Logo I’m not sure when my love affair with Rackspace ended. Perhaps it was when we were brushed off as a client or when they began having catastrophic problems with their data centers. Either way, I thought it was funny when I saw an email today that they now have a corporate blog. I’ve been critical of Rackspace before and just wanted to highlight this additional failure of them as a company. With the astronomical fees they charge for server hosting, you would think they could have hired a PR firm a long time ago to tell them to get involved with their customers. This just seems like another last ditch effort to bring themselves into a web 2.0 culture that’s ready to move into new directions. They even have a token welcome to our blog entry from February. Someone please provide them some assistance with URL rewriting. The real test will be to see if they delete this trackback or are actually open to feedback and criticism on their blog.

Some folks may be asking why I don’t unsubscribe from their mailing lists… quite simply, I enjoy having fodder for these occasional rants.

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One Response to Rackspace has a blog… who cares?

  1. Erik says:

    For anyone curious, they did give the trackback.