Running WordPress via SVN

WordPress header Two days ago, AF-Design’s blog moved to WordPress’ SVN access which brought version 2.7-hemorrhage up. For any who are comfortable and familiar withe the existing WordPress administrative screens, I suggest you take a look at the proposed wireframes. Much like anything, it takes some getting used to, but there are some really great usability things coming along. One feature I really like is the quick edit for posts. If you’re like me (and I suspect a number of others) I often mis-categorize or tag a post and it provides a nice quick interface for making the updates.

WordPress Administrator Screenshot

WordPress Administrator Screenshot

Of course running bleeding edge software right from the repo isn’t without cost. So far I’ve been bit by a few items that I know of:

  1. Comments are disabled by default for new posts created with the QuickPress.
  2. Pingbacks are disabled by default for new posts created with the QuickPress.
  3. Saving changes to already published posts seems to create an invalid page reference which would throw an error in the admin. Not sure what the root cause was there. I’m hopeful r9078 takes care of it.
  4. Images are automatically wrapped with a caption [ caption ]...[ /caption ] by default (see above screenshot) and the uploader (as of r9078) doesn’t have a way to turn that off, so it requires manual deletion of the comment code.
  5. Alignment of the image doesn’t carry over from the “Insert Media” feature

I think the Automattic WordPress team is doing a fantastic job and am looking forward to a stable version release.

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One Response to Running WordPress via SVN

  1. Erik says:

    As a test, I updated this post using “quick post” instead of “QuickPress” in bullet items 1 and 2. The issue mentioned in number 3 remains.