Taking Care of Early Adopters

Something that bugs me every time I turn on my TiVo is the ads. It’s TiVo’s little way of reminding me that even though I bought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation boxes, recommended them to family and friends, and paid for the lifetime subscriptions – I just don’t matter to them. Today Hulu announced that they’re taking the wraps off their service and at a lower than expected price. What I found refreshing is that they opted to refund the difference in subscription cost instead of thumbing their nose at the early adopters. While 2010 may be a premature death for TiVo, it’s coming.

Any current subscribers who joined during our preview period will receive a credit for the difference from the $9.99 preview price. This credit will automatically be applied to their next billing cycle.

Thanks to JellyMuffin for the tombstone generator.

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