Amazon AWS Command Line Tool Help

Amazon Web Services Logo Amazon’s Web Services are very handy, although sometimes the command line tool syntax is a little awkward to remember and the documentation, while extensive, is not quite as simple to navigate as I’d like. I’m providing these help files as a reference for anyone who might need them. As you are no doubt aware, you can also get this content directly by issuing <aws_command_name> --help in the shell. For me it’s much easier to have these up in a browser window so I can quickly toggle between it and the command line without losing my place. I’ve added references for Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, Elastic Compute Cloud and Elastic Load Balancing.

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One Response to Amazon AWS Command Line Tool Help

  1. Ashok says:


    It very use full, could you please share me commands for use auto scaling with cloudwatch.
    We have so many server, i want apply only few server with auto scaling only for few server with load balancer and cloud watch.

    Please help me.