OS X Lion vs. Windows 7 Adoption

Have you ever seen an info graphic or a chart and wondered if you could trust the information? This post grew from a discussion on Twitter about that very thing. Specifically a chart from the recent iPhone 4S launch that drew lot of criticism from pro-Windows media. The tweet read, “This is why I now think Apple is in HUGE trouble. They flat out lie.” Lie? Really? What did they lie about exactly?

Notice anything dishonest in this slide? I don’t, in-fact quite the opposite – I see the work of a smart graphic designer presenting the information in a way that makes their company look the best. Lets take a step back and consider the options.

Apple could have…

  • … used a pie or bar chart to show total units shipped to date. Perhaps this would have been clearer, but certainly wouldn’t have made Apple as impressive looking – and remember this WAS a marketing event.

  • … shown just their adoption numbers without Windows included. The fact that Apple is poking at Microsoft in this slide is part of the reason we’re still talking about it, it invoked a reaction which increases publicity.

  • … shown the same adoption over time using units instead of percentage of installed base. Not unlike the first option, this would have been seen as lackluster and not painted Apple in such a positive light.

  • … skipped this slide entirely.

Ultimately it comes down to this – regardless of what Apple does, it will be highly scrutinized. What is your takeaway?

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One Response to OS X Lion vs. Windows 7 Adoption

  1. Radford C says:

    Mr. Cook just needs to be careful over how he uses Apple’s numbers. Like you said, he’s best just not using those numbers or getting into adoption rates. I know stuff like this is mostly for investor stuff but even those guys aren’t buying it – kind of like me.