Timeline for Pages – What you need to know

About Facebook Pages This morning, via a Today Show appearance, Facebook announced the new Timeline for Pages. There are a few ways which this will impact your Page.

1) Timeline is the default landing page. A big change is that administrators will no longer be able to choose a tab as the default landing page. You can choose to keep your existing page design through March 30th, 2012 when Facebook will automatically upgrade all Pages.

2) Cover images! Not unlike the new cover image for Profiles, Pages can now leverage this large visual area to engage users with their brand.

3) Pinning important content. Page admins will be able to pin content to stay present at the top of their tabs. This is important for brands running contests and other promotions to be able to feature the content at the top of the Page for all users to see. Content pinned to the top of a page will stay persistent regardless of updates.

4) Tabs will continue to exist, but they’re changing. Administrators will have the ability to use a much wider canvas for the application – 810px wide in fact! That’s 250 more pixels of space for your content. AF-Design will be making updates to the My Tab application soon to support this wider canvas area.

5) You can still link directly to a custom tab. Before, to link to a tab, administrators would use a link like this:

Now, the link will be a little cleaner referencing the application namespace.

AF-Design will keep you up to date with all the pending changes, be sure to like us to stay informed!

6) Bonus – you can now add a custom image to promote your tabs on the Timeline! If you have upgraded your page – create an image as 117×74 and click, “Manage” > “Edit Page” > “Apps” > “Edit Settings” > “Change” (Custom Tab Image) and upload your creative.

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