CodeIgniter Clippings for BBEdit

BBEdit is a powerful text editor, for Mac OS X, that provides nearly everything AF-Design needs to be effective when creating apps. While it’s not perfect, it works pretty well 99% of the time. It provides powerful tools for manipulating text, code completion and more.

Recently we’ve been building more and more applications using the CodeIgniter Framework. CodeIgniter is simple to learn and powerful enough to drive even the most complex applications. It provides tools for common tasks freeing development time to focus on the actual application.

To streamline our CodeIgniter development, we created a series of BBEdit Clippings that make development easier. The clippings provide a way to quickly create common document types, phpDocumentor comment blocks and provides auto-complete for the entire CodeIgniter 2.1 framework.

You can get the clippings and learn more on GitHub.

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