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OS X Lion vs. Windows 7 Adoption

Have you ever seen an info graphic or a chart and wondered if you could trust the information? This post grew from a discussion on Twitter about that very thing. Specifically a chart from the recent iPhone 4S launch that … Continue reading

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430 Days of Tweets

In 2009 AF-Design helped launch an application to monitor and report on Twitter key terms, it also collected the total number of tweets sent per day. Based on the growth seen here, it’s safe to assume that Twitter is now … Continue reading

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Honesty Box: EBS Performance Revisited

As part of my work on Honesty Box, I’ve been reviewing EBS disk performance once again. This was a great opportunity to expand on the research from last year. After re-reading what I posted then, along with the wealth of … Continue reading

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Deleting Data From InnoDB

Problem: We are given a large MySQL database table that no longer fits in your system’s working memory. You need to prune the data since a significant portion of this data is no longer relevant to keep in this table. … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 Disk Performance

Update (3/3/2010): a better measure of RAID performance is available here. While considering different options for a database server, I decided to do some digging into Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an alternative to dedicated servers from an ISP. I … Continue reading

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PHP MySQL vs MySQLi Database Access Metrics

Last week I had a MySQL DBA/Developer tell me, “MySQLi sucks” when I asked why some code I was reviewing used the mysql_* extensions provided in PHP instead of mysqli_*. This really didn’t sit well with me. I turned to … Continue reading

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PHP Memory Caching Performance

Today I had the great pleasure to work with both APC and Memcached in a production environment. I’ve read that the performance of APC is roughly 3-5x faster than Memcache. So I decided to do my own test to see … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season of the New TV

Televisions are always a hot topic for holiday purchases and this year is no different. I was reviewing my Google Analytics numbers for AF-Design this morning and saw the annual spike in traffic to my television size calculator. This calculator … Continue reading

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301 Redirects in Apache

Taming the Beast has a nice primer on HTTP 301 redirects. I spent some time this morning cleaning up AF-Design’s internal issues after reading over the HubSpot Website Grader report. If you manage a website and haven’t already done so … Continue reading

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Shift Needed Measuring Application Success on Social Networks

Mobsters, Likeness, Top Friends, Super Wall, Own Your Friends, Bumper Stickers, Movies and Poker – this is just a sampling of the highest engagement applications on Facebook and MySpace. What these applications all have in common is a mass market … Continue reading

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