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Reading the Twitter Stream API with PHP

Monitoring a term like ‘Facebook’ with the Twitter Search API can result in hundreds of tweets every minute. If you continuously issue requests for the next set of data, you’ll eventually get a message that reads, “You have been rate … Continue reading

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API’s Should Be Free

Nothing can stifle development faster than putting a price tag on the development tools for your product. A case in point is email provider iContact who for whatever reason requires developers to register for a $9.95 per month account to … Continue reading

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A DDoS Attack with Facebook’s Platform

Some time ago I had the good fortune to work with some developers on a Facebook application that was underperforming. Through a very robust investigation of the application, it was discovered that a large number of invalid requests were being … Continue reading

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Presenting Data Visually

Anyone who’s immersed in the world of data and its presentation knows the value of a well designed and laid out graphic can lead to a project. Currently application developers have two primary tools at their disposal, Adobe Flex and … Continue reading

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