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Niche Portals

I’ve been thinking a lot about topic specific search lately. Google has a product that lets you search within a specific vertical, for example Linux, for content that’s evergreen. This used to be more open so you could define your … Continue reading

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JohnnyVengeance Movie Reviews Launched

Over the weekend I assisted with the launch of a new movie review blog, JohnnyVengeance.com. It promises to provide fresh insight, reviews and a little bit of irreverance while covering all the goodness that is Hollywood. Take a look at … Continue reading

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Rackspace has a blog… who cares?

I’m not sure when my love affair with Rackspace ended. Perhaps it was when we were brushed off as a client or when they began having catastrophic problems with their data centers. Either way, I thought it was funny when … Continue reading

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~10 Days to Receive Spam

The blog has been picked up by spammers. We are now receiving daily spam comments. This would be inconsequential, however, until only a few days ago I had a site map that did not include the blog entries thus preventing … Continue reading

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