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Twitter Like Timestamps

Following up on the post about Facebook Like Datelines, this post provides a simple function for creating Twitter like aged timestamps in natural language. Looking at a date time isn’t always helpful, for example “2/9/2004 19:30am” doesn’t give the reader … Continue reading

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Open Data

Looking at sites and tools like Earth, FreeBase, MediaWiki and DBpedia for inspiration, clarity and vision. Would love to hear about any other sites people have played with that provide wiki like front ends to structured data.

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Without Context, Data is Meaningless

Without context, answers, facts and datum are meaningless. “The ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything” is undeniably 42, however, without the question, lost in an unfortunate galactic construction project, it’s useless. Wikipedia is an awesome collection of facts, … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Data’s Right!

Two widgets, both provided by major companies have some discrepancies in their data and the election hasn’t even started yet! I’m not sure who’s wrong here, Google or Microsoft, but either way someone’s data isn’t accurate. When it comes to … Continue reading

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Finding Good Data

The amount of data available of publicly online is astounding. The US Government has done a pretty good job of providing detailed data to it’s citizens on pretty much anything they keep tabs on. The census data immediately comes to … Continue reading

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Presenting Data Visually

Anyone who’s immersed in the world of data and its presentation knows the value of a well designed and laid out graphic can lead to a project. Currently application developers have two primary tools at their disposal, Adobe Flex and … Continue reading

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