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De Duping an Array in PHP the Easy Way

This is a quick and dirty way to clean up the values in an array, removing duplicates while preserving (as much as possible) the original order of the values. This method works well for smaller sorted data sets, having less … Continue reading

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Three Types of Clouds

Last night I attended CloudCamp in Minneapolis. While there was much healthy discussion about the “cloud”, one thing became crystal clear for me. The cloud means different things to different people. George Reese summed it up well, there are three … Continue reading

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PHP & 64-bit Integer Modulus (Almost)

While at times PHP seems to be capable of 64 bit math, it’s important to understand what’s really going on. Beyond 32 bit integers, PHP is silently converting your integers to floats. While this usually isn’t a problem, many of … Continue reading

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API’s Should Be Free

Nothing can stifle development faster than putting a price tag on the development tools for your product. A case in point is email provider iContact who for whatever reason requires developers to register for a $9.95 per month account to … Continue reading

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2 Handy Utilities for OS X Developers

Over the last few weeks I fought with getting my Mac OS X machine to mount a NFS share on Linux remotely. I’ve tried different port numbers, different security models, even SSH tunneling to no avail. I’ve read mailing lists … Continue reading

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Memcached with PHP on Mac OS X

Nate Haug provides a great script for installing memcached along with some very detailed instructions on setting up a sandbox environment. I’m not using his MAMP sandbox, instead opting for the built in PHP / Apache install, so I needed … Continue reading

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PHP Development Tips

If you develop code in PHP or any other language take 5 minutes to read this. It raises excellent points regardless of the language you author in despite it’s focusing on PHP. I particularly liked #7 Use a PHP Framework … Continue reading

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Development on the road

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been developing and working completely remotely. Removed from my office, removed from my resources and often while in remote locations from the car with my family as we travel from destination to destination. … Continue reading

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Firefox Tools for Designers and Developers

Mashable has a nice collection of 16 tools for designers and developers for plugging into Firefox. I’m personally a fan of Web Developer Toolbar and Y!Slow which are both great. The original Mashable article included the other two tools I … Continue reading

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OpenSocial Could Learn Some Things From Facebook’s Platform

OpenSocial, a group effort to create a widget platform spear headed by Google, has a few glitches that I’d love to see fixed. They are largely comparison items from Facebook, who has recently announced that it will open source it’s … Continue reading

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