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Testing Your AWS Elastic Load Balancer

Vijay Ramachandran asked me, via twitter, how to test if an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer is really doing it’s job. Because 140 characters really isn’t sufficient space to handle this answer, I’ve created this post. Feel free to use any … Continue reading

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Scaling Out with EC2, CloudWatch, Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing

Earlier this year, Amazon launched a suite of new services that replaced the need to work with a product like Scalr and RightScale for building scaleable applications on the EC2 platform. Those tools help you allocate more resources according to … Continue reading

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Amazon AWS Command Line Tool Help

Amazon’s Web Services are very handy, although sometimes the command line tool syntax is a little awkward to remember and the documentation, while extensive, is not quite as simple to navigate as I’d like. I’m providing these help files as … Continue reading

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