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Microsoft SQL Server Driver for PHP returns DateTime Object

Interesting gotcha feature with the Microsoft SQL Server extension for PHP on Windows. When querying against a column defined as a datetime, the native PHP SQL Server extension returns a string where as the Microsoft extension returns a DateTime object. … Continue reading

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EC2 Instances Die and Other Lessons From The Cloud

Today I learned a few painful lessons: First, EC2 instances die and a simple reboot will not recover them. Second, unlike many web hosts – amazon doesn’t offer any level of monitoring. Third, backups are only useful if they’re current. … Continue reading

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PHP Gotcha: Bigint with sprintf()

Today I am working on modification of an FB application to permit installation on “pages” in addition to profiles. Facebook has switched (several months ago) to using 64bit integer values for id’s site wide. In the code I use sprintf … Continue reading

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Misbehaving Blackberry

Last week I was traveling on the east coast and staying with a friend while working from the road. About 4 days into my trip, my Blackberry went haywire. If someone called me, the call history would immediately delete the … Continue reading

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Memcache Feature-Bug Gotchas

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with memcached using PHP and have been bitten a few times by different things with how things worked. I’m calling those items out here so anyone getting started with Memcache can learn … Continue reading

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