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Simple File Based Caching in PHP

Depending on the access pattern for the your data, file based caches are often more economical, despite being slower, than an in memory cache like Memcached or APC. Disk space is cheap and is therefore a good option for caching … Continue reading

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Cloud Pricing Models

Yesterday Amazon announced their Spot pricing model. Effectively providing market driven pricing for instances on EC2. Depending on your product, this probably won’t impact you much, but it got me to thinking about pricing of the cloud. Amazon’s Web Services … Continue reading

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PHP Memory Caching Performance

Today I had the great pleasure to work with both APC and Memcached in a production environment. I’ve read that the performance of APC is roughly 3-5x faster than Memcache. So I decided to do my own test to see … Continue reading

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Memcached with PHP on Mac OS X

Nate Haug provides a great script for installing memcached along with some very detailed instructions on setting up a sandbox environment. I’m not using his MAMP sandbox, instead opting for the built in PHP / Apache install, so I needed … Continue reading

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Memcache Feature-Bug Gotchas

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with memcached using PHP and have been bitten a few times by different things with how things worked. I’m calling those items out here so anyone getting started with Memcache can learn … Continue reading

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