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Using Data Pipelining to Improve Gadget Speed

Beginning with OpenSocial 0.9, support for a new featured called Data Pipelining was introduced. Pipelining is really simple to implement and can bring a lot of speed and power to your applications. Pipelined requests are sent before a gadget has … Continue reading

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Using CSS for Icons

During an exploration of CloudFront it was noted that requests were the lionshare of the costs for one application. How much savings could be realized by merging all icon files into one and serving them using positioning in CSS? Quite … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 Disk Performance

Update (3/3/2010): a better measure of RAID performance is available here. While considering different options for a database server, I decided to do some digging into Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an alternative to dedicated servers from an ISP. I … Continue reading

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PHP MySQL vs MySQLi Database Access Metrics

Last week I had a MySQL DBA/Developer tell me, “MySQLi sucks” when I asked why some code I was reviewing used the mysql_* extensions provided in PHP instead of mysqli_*. This really didn’t sit well with me. I turned to … Continue reading

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PHP Memory Caching Performance

Today I had the great pleasure to work with both APC and Memcached in a production environment. I’ve read that the performance of APC is roughly 3-5x faster than Memcache. So I decided to do my own test to see … Continue reading

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Before You Buy that new DB

Database servers are tricky. Before jumping to the conclusion that more hardware is needed, make sure you’re getting the most out of the hardware you already have. Hiring a DBA is definitely the right way to go. They’ll quickly be … Continue reading

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Not So Fast! MySQL Stored Procedures Are Not Panacea

MySQL 5.0 introduced stored procedures, but are you taking advantage of them? MySQL claims a 50% lift in performance just having an execution plan on hand, but what real world performance boost can you expect to see? I set out … Continue reading

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