Community Mortgage Group

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When originally developed, the website provided a suite of content management tools, allowing non-technical staff to update certain aspects of the website with ease. The goal in removing the need for a web developer to manage all updates was to put the content publication process quickly and easily into the hands of those who created it.

Additionally, an e-mail system was devised that provided each office (7 in all) with e-mail services that previously had been unavailable. Using this e-mail system, the online loan application process would correctly determine which office should be processing the loan and sent the appropriate information to begin processing directly where it needed to go.

The site included multiple tools and utilities for users, including an amortization calculator written as a Perl CGI, that provided a full amortization table to prospective clients. The secure application for clients to begin a loan approval process was also scripted in Perl, served over SSL and managed using a web based back end. Each office could remotely log in track and monitor progress on a loan and other loans from other offices. Data was tracked using a flat file database system (mySQL wasn't yet available in this environment).

The design, circa 1999, was also completed by AF-Design based on guidance from the client.

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