Minkoze.com homepage and chat window
Screenshot of Minkoze.com - May 2007

Website: http://www.minkoze.com

Minkoze is a large and quickly growing online social networking site catering to the French and Creole culture online. With well over 1,000 active members it has become the go to place for music, socialization and information on what's going on now.

AF-Design created a private chat feature for members to instant message each other online. The chat feature is built leveraging ASP.NET (C#) and AJAX technology to leverage a unique user experience that is fast, light and doesn't require the users to install software to participate.

The look and feel of the application is highly flexible, utilizing CSS throughout, the entire design of the application can quickly and easily be modified to suit the design of the site so rebranding the application is never difficult.


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