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Over the course of a long term relationship, AF-Design has assisted NWF in creating documentation surrounding e-commerce systems, documented and outlined requirements for web content management systems, and worked with multiple vendors to devise a system to handle disperate authentication models in a seamless way.

Web Content Management - As part of a distributed content editing model, NWF identified a need to move to a Web Content Management system. AF-Design was there to assist in surveying the field of qualified candidates, distilling the marketing material down to the core information and presenting that back to NWF. AF-Design put together documentation to solicit feedback and input from a variety of top tier Enterprise WCM vendors. After accessing the different systems we were able to recommend a solution for NWF. AF-Design was able to meet with NWF onsite and with each of the potential vendors face to face to further discuss pricing, licensing and implementation strategies with each vendor.

Documentation - Larger organizations suffer the greatest from institutional knowledge loss. Working with different departments, AF-Design created flow diagrams for order processing. The outcome was two fold. First a retention of knowledge surrounding processes that hand not been well documented before. Second - a clear overview of where systems overlapped and could be consolidated. Ultimately consolidating systems allows for efficiencies of scale as well as a reduction in the number of redundant work being done, an all around win-win!

Authentication Systems - To facilitate integration with multiple vendors, AF-Design proposed a middleware system that would handle authentication between disparate systems. The driver for this was to reduce user burden to remember multiple authentication credentials based on which portion of a website the user was visiting. Each vendor used a different technology and rule set surrounding account information and in some instances would charge simply for having user information stored in that system. Since a centralized authentication database wasn't an option, the system proposed works similarly to a public key infrastructure, passing an authenticated user from one vendors platform to another using a series of webservices and a trusted partner to broker the transactione.

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