New Jersey Synod of ELCA

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In 1996 an annual trip was started by Jason Reed, then youth coordinator for a Church in Springfield, Virginia. AF-Design became involved with the trip in 1998, creating an online presence to help get the word out about what was happening in Croatia and Bosnia as well as provide real time updates to family members back home on the status of the trip.

In 2005, a complete re-design and re-thinking of the website took place. No longer were static pages updated by volunteers sufficient, it was time to create a Content Management System that would provide real time updates to the site in addition to cross linking opportunities, bringing relevant content before the users. The system includes photo albums, documents, articles and guestbook entries that can all be assembed to create a larger page. Additionally, keywords are extracted automatically from articles and used to find other relevant information in real time.

A new feature, added to the site employs anti-spam measures to keep the guestbook clear of non-appropriate posts an on-going problem for the site.

With new media applications, its clear that websites are never done, but a constantly evolving picture of the current needs of an organization. Future development projects for 2006 and 2007 include building an interactive map of the region and location based content that will provide a better picture of leading up to the trip and while the travel team is over seas.

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